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FINDINGS: Respondent 2

6 Jun

As for Respondent 2, I have made an assumption saying that she belongs to the Conscientiousness category. Based on the results from the respondent and her friend below, I am now confident to say that my assumption is proven right.

**Note: SDA = Strongly Disagree, DA = Disagree, NAD = Neither Agree nor Disagree, A = Agree, SA = Strongly Agree**
Respondent’s Friend
Your name.
I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others.
I am a talkative person.
 I tend to come up with my own original ideas during a group discussion.
I am emotionally unstable and moody most of the time.
 I am able to remain calm even in a stressful situation.
I have a vivid imagination.
 I tend to do something until it is finished.
I often feel uncomfortable meeting new people.
I tend to get annoyed easily.

In conclusion, I found that her dimension of personality encompasses some of these good qualities such as planning, responsibility, and cautiousness. She is often described as a higher achiever, thorough, and hardworking and she shows her personalities greatly in her Facebook statuses.


Respondent 2.10

2 Apr

“Alhamdulillah ya Allah, syukur padaMu..
X sangka akhirnye sy berjaya menggulung ijazah kedoktoran..5 tahunnn belajar akhirnye membuah hasil, terima kasih byk2 ya Allah..
Skrg Dr. Siti Nurwani sedia berkhidmat utk hospital insyallah..Hospital Selayang xnak terima saya ke..hehe 🙂
Terima kasih byk2 juga pd semua yg membantu dan mendoakan kejayaan sy dan rakan2.. *nak sebut nama satu2 terlalu2 byk*

1. Nak menjadi isteri *checked*
2. Nak menjadi doktor *checked*
3. Nak menjadi ibu pula..doakannn :)”

Thursday at 9:05pm
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“berjaya menggulung ijazah kedoktoran”

“Nak menjadi ibu pula..doakannn”



From this status, it is shown that the respondent is indeed a high achiever in her course. Being a medical student needs patience and brain, and she clearly has them both. Her conscientious personality can also be seen from her small checklist she made.

Respondent 2.09

2 Apr

“Alhamdulillah..syukur byk2 padamu ya Allah..
Sesungguhnye sy pun telah tamat peperiksaan akhir perubatan..
Mudah2an semoga dimakbulkan doa oleh Allah utk bergelar Dr. Siti Nurwani minggu hadapan..
Doakan sy & rakan2 seperjuangan sy yg lain berjaya.. Kami sedia berkhidmat utk hospitalss ! Aminnn

P/s: bersangka baiklah kamu terhadap Allah S.W.T :)”

March 30 at 4:22pm
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“Kami sedia berkhidmat utk hospitalss !”



This status implies that the respondent is passionate about being a doctor. As she tells everyone how happy she is that the examination has finally ended, she also states that she cannot wait until the day that she can finally serve the country as a real doctor.

Respondent 2.08

2 Apr

“Risau ni risau ni risau ni..
Esok nak exam…..
Knp tb2 arini bdn panas?!!
Dgn hidung tersumbat sebelah, hingus leleh2, bersin2.. Habis sekotak dah haa tisu.. Masuk kotak ke dua dah, dah abrasion dah hidung sy ni rasanye pedih.. Huwaaa mummy ayah cane ni esok T.T

P/s: ya Allah semoga esok aku sihat balik..aminn
*berharap dan berdoa*”

March 29 at 2:20pm
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“Risau ni risau ni risau ni..”



This status indicates that the respondent is very worried about her upcoming exam. As a passionate soon-to-be doctor, being sick is definitely not her option.

Respondent 2.07

2 Apr

“Let’s learn about Down Syndrome:

– Head, face and neck :

flat occiput,
upslanting eye,
epicanthal fold,
flat nasal bridge,
small mouth,
protruding tongue,
low set ears,
short neck,
excessive skinfold

– Fingers n toes :

Single palmar crease
Short n stubby fingers
Wide sandal gap
Deep vertical crease

Other systemic manifestations :
1. CVS (50%)

2. GIT (12%)
– duodenal atresia, TOF, Hisrchsprung ds, anorectal malform

3. Eye
– congenital cataract (3%)
– squint (50%)
– nystagmus (35%)
– refractive errors (70%)

4. Ear
– hearing loss (60%) d/t secretory OM or SNHL

5. IQ low (100%)

6. Delayed milestone (100%)

7. CNS
– Hypotonia n joint laxity (80%)
– seizures disorder (6%)

8. Endocrine
– Hypothyroidism (10%)

9. Malignancy
– ALL (1%)


1. T4/ TSH at birth
2. Chromosomal analysis
3. Echo
4. Abdominal Xray
5. Hearing and eye assessment
6. Special school : Jabatan Pendidikan Khas
7. Parents support group, parents education
8. NGOs : Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation
9. Social support : JKM (Jab Kebajikan Msia)”

March 29 at 5:51am
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“Let’s learn”



Another proof that the respondent has a conscientious personality is based from the way she lists down everything. She literally uses Facebook as a medium to sharing ideas which is utterly commendable.

Respondent 2.06

2 Apr

“Patient post AMI suddenly collapsed in front of you. What to do??

1. Call out HELP
2. Check patient response :
Shake his shoulder n shout ‘sir are u ok?!’
3. If he respond, assess his ABCDE
– attach monitor first : pulse oxymetry, ECG, blood pressure
– if hypoxamia, give O2 therapy accordingly
– Obtain IV access
– monitor v/signs and ecg patient hemodynamic stable or unstable?
– treat according to rhytm pattern n hemodynamic status

4. If pt did not respond at all
– Flat the bed
– Open his airway
– Look, listen n feel for his breathing
– palpate for carotid pulse n look for signs of life
(at the same time, your team mate help you applying all the monitoring device)

5. What if pt has NO PULSE o signs of life
– CPR immediately !!! High quality CPR
– 5 cycles of 30:2 compression in 2mins
– adequate rate (~100bpm)
– adequate depth (at least 5cm but not more than 6cm)
– adequate recoil
– minimal interruption
– every 2mins change staff (to prevent exaustion which lead to poor quality of cpr)

5. Check ECG rhythm
– shockable or non shockable
– If non shockable; PEA/ Asystole : cont CPR ! Give Adrenaline 1mg IV, repeat 3-5mins. Re assess rhythm
– If shockable; pulseless VT/ VF : Shock pt ! (Biphasic 200J, Monophasic 360J) or using AED (automated external defibrillator) cont CPR and re assess rhythm. Adrenaline 1mg IV if persist after 2x of shock given.

6. Search for treatable causes : 6Hs and 5Ts
– Hypovolumia
– Hypoxia
– H+ excess (acidosis)
– Hypo/ Hyper K+
– Hypoglycaemia
– Hypothermia (cold)

– Toxins
– Trauma
– Tension pneumothorax
– Tamponade cardiac
– Thrombosis


March 29 at 4:49am
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“What to do”

“If pt did not respond at all”

“What if”



From this status, it is proven that the respondent is a well-organized, detail-oriented person in which she tries to remember every step very well. This also shows that the respondent is very conscientious about her work.

Respondent 2.05

2 Apr

“What to check n look for during PE? Hmm….

V/sign! Esp BP..
Palpate all peripheral pulses!
Listen to bruit; carotid, liver, renal & femoral
Inspect for any ulcer
Lower limb inspection very important; look at the color of skin, feel for temp, any skin changes: loss of hair, atrophic skin, any ulcer or gangrene, hypertrophied nail..

How to know this is an arterial ulcer?

1. Site – can be anywhere
2. The etiology is always d/t ischaemia so there’s feature of reduced blood flow to the foot – pale looking, shiny skin, loss of hair, cold to touch, prolonged CRT, absent o reduced pulse intensity
3. Edge – punched out
4. Margin – usually regular
5. Depth – usually deep
6. Painful!!
7. It can be dry o wet
8. Unlike venous ulcer; it does not ass with oedema, presence of granulation tissue, o callosity, o bone deformity, o glove & stockin sensory neuropathy, o loss of proprio/vibration, o dilated vein
9. Surrounding skin looks dusky
10. Infection is frequent
11. Buerger’s angle (<20 degree)

Proceed with abdomen to check for 3A”

March 28 at 1:43am
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Words/Phrases that reflect Conscientious personality:

“What to check n look for”

“How to know”



This status is another proof that the respondent is a very organized person. It also shows that she is a detail-oriented person who tends to be one of those high achieving students.